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Revolutionize the Way You Drill Dowels
Why BackSaver

BackSaver attaches directly to the most common spline and SDS-Max drills from the four largest power tool manufacturers.

There isn’t another tool like it!

Our innovative and patented rotary hammer drill attachment makes drilling concrete slabs for dowels easier than ever by allowing the user to drill standing up.


Employees will be grateful and management will notice when the dowels are drilled faster and the number of lost time injuries is reduced.


At only 15 pounds, BackSaver is light enough to carry from one side of the job site to the other

Cost Effective

Increase dowel drilling productivity by 50% on average due to quicker transitions between holes


Reduce lost time injuries due to back strains, vibrations, and other repercussions of dowel drilling with a rotary hammer


Drill repeatable, level holes in concrete slabs of any thickness utilizing the adjustable knee brace

BackSaver is the winner of the
“2016 Most Innovative Product” at the
World of Concrete Convention
Most Innovative Product Award World of Concrete 2016
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